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Get an immediate progress report for RelayAssurance EDI through the Connect Center Claim Health Vitals Dashboard. It provides your team the dollar amount and number of claims in good standing, pending, rejected or denied. It allows you to focus your time on the true claim issues and expedite your workflow.

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Get Paid Faster Using RelayHealth EDI

Did you know you can get paid from the payor usually 4-10 business days from the payor instead of 2 months. This is the quickest time possible to keep your cash flow where it should be!

Other Benefits:

  • Manage Your Electronic Claims
  • Scrub Claims
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Seamless Integration eith your Medisoft or Lytec
  • Eligibility Verification

Connect Center:

Intelligent Solutions to Empower Your Customer's Success

Drive better business results, improve provider satisfaction and optimize staff time with RelayHealth Connect Center. This is your Centralized resource to help;

  • Manage your claims and remittance processing
  • Expedite enrollment with multiple payers
  • Get notifications of important information and news
  • Analyze financial performance